January 5, 2010

Natural & Organic Skincare

How many of us wished we had a "perfect skin?"well so much for an understatement because even if we were born with a "perfect skin" eventually, we age, go through hormonal changes (ie. puberty, pregnancy), etc.

So, here's my little secret. I NEVER HAD A SO CALLED "PERFECT SKIN" i mean, not a big shocker there but just saying. Actually, I started breaking out alot more when I started College -_- crazy because I would get a little pimple here and there back in High School but I never actually broke out like how do nowadays.

Skin Type: Oily, Acne-Prone Skin. Yellow/Olive-Warm Undertone

Believe me when I say this, but I've tried every other product out there that "i thought"could help me get rid of my acne & oily skin. From Proactive to Murad to Drugstore Cleansers to name a few but none worked for me thus far.

So recently I started using more Organic, Natural & Home-made remedies. Such as homemade scrubs, facial cleansers, spot treatments, toners, etc. + a healthier diet. And I think I break out less now. :) Which is a great news!

And Recenly, I've tried out LUSH. And if you guys didn't know LUSH products are all handmade which gives you the benefit of knowing what exactly you're putting on your face, unlike the other cleansers I've used in the past that have ingridients that I could barely pronounce. After using & switching to this more natural & organic lifestyle (only on my skincare --but i do try to eat more healthier too) I've noticed that my face doesn't get as oily as it used to be unlike in the past. Since then, I haven't even touched my oil-bloting papers, which is SO AWESOME!!! & even though I still get pimples here and there, I don't breakout as frequent anymore which is even better :)

So here's my new daily routine:

When I wakeup:
-Wash with Lush's Herbalism or Lush's Fresh Farmacy Cleaner (depends what my face feels like)
-Tone with a homemade toner (2/3 apple cider vinegar & the rest is green tea) --use w/ cotton ball
-Tone with Lush's Tea Tree Water --use 4 spritz all over the face
-Moisturize with Lush's Enzymion (+ Biore' moisturizer w/ SPF15, when i go out)

Before I go to sleep:
-Wash with Lush's Herbalism or Lush's Fresh Farmacy Cleaner (depends what my face feels like)
-Exfoliate w/ Lush's Fresh Face Mask in Love Lettuce
-Tone with a homemade toner (2/3 apple cider vinegar & the rest is green tea) --use w/ cotton ball
-Tone with Lush's Tea Tree Water --use 4 spritz all over the face
-Moisturize with Lush's Enzymion
-Spot treat with Clean & Clear acne spot treatment or Best Bath Store's acne spot treatment
-Use Best Bath Store's intensive under eye treatment (for bags & dark circles under the eye)

Stuff I use to take off my make-up:
-I take off my eye makeup first using H2o+ water-activated eye makeup remover
-Point's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Cream (a face makeup remover to take out everything)
-Point's Green Tea Latte Moisture Foam (to use after to make sure all makeup is removed)


Extra Stuff I do from time to time:
-If I'm breaking out like crazy i do the homemade, Asperin Mask
-If my face feels a little dull I either do the tomatoe & sugar scrub to exfoliate all dead skin cells.
-I also use St. Helene's Mint Julep Mask to refresh my face & dry out pimples
-To make my face more plump i do the Egg White Mask
-To exfoliate my lips & make them soft & super smooth I use Vaseline & Sugar

Remember, No one has a so called "perfect skin" but we can always strive to get a better and much healthier looking skin by being good to it. Eating right, Getting more sleep (-_- i need to do this lol!),  Keeping ourselves well hydrated & Excercising --which i need to do more of hehe!


  1. what the hell?
    that's a hella long routine, lol!
    how long does it all take?

  2. haha it just seems like it cause there's alot of products involve but it only takes me less than 5 mins to wash my face in the AM & a little more at night. But when i have to takeoff my make up it takes a little longer. HAHA but no more than 10mins.

  3. loving your blog! im learning lots of things from you! :) keep it up! :))

  4. aww thanks gracie!
    it's nice to hear that people learn stuff from me :) i'm glad & your comment made me smile, thank you! i'll keep it up for you guys <3

  5. "Kitchen" products (organic honey & olive oil) helped me get rid of a severe reaction I had to a face cream.

    Now I know how important it is to know all the ingredients in any product I use on my skin or hair.

    If I buy anything, I choose certified organic products because I learned what the chemicals in "regular" products can do, including cause acne, dry up the skin and cause skin cancer.

    Look up the ingredients in the products you use and see what they do. I think you'll be shocked.


  6. No matter what your age, the right balance of natural beauty and makeup may be summed up like this: the less makeup you can get away with using, the better natural cosmetics!

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