January 24, 2010

Latest Creations + OOTD vid

So I started my Fashion30 class (basic industry sewing) last friday, and basically that was the first time since hella ages ago that I've touched a sewing machine. So technically speaking, I'm a noob at this! lmao! But yeah..so the story goes a lil somethin like this...

My BF got me this cute pink sewing machine for my bday last October since I'am going to Fashion school soon and I had mentioned wanting a sewing machine. Anyways, When I got home friday afternoon I wanted to practice all of a sudden. And here are some of my recent creations lmao! Oh! & I was just at JoAnn's yesterday and I got a couple of the Swarovski crystal hearts and basically everything you need to make a necklace.

(Proud to be American Pouch) -- it's just an unwanted shirt. btw, this was the first thing i sewed

(I <3 NY Pouch) -- it's just a worn out shirt that i wasn't ever going to wear again, oh! and this is the second thing i made

(Hime-type Shoulder Sachel) -- It's just an unused and never will use bubble skirt, overall shorts straps & random accessories to make it nicer

this is the first dress i made! i used an old cheetah print shirt for the top half and the bottom half of a short dress & just a sewn bow that i made too

It's a Swarovski crystal heart that i made in less than 10 mins lol :)



  1. OMG that dress is FABOLOUS! great job!!

  2. Oooooh big bow!! I luuurve it :) I go crazy for bows and hime stuff.

    Pink sewing machine? That's rad! My sister sews too.. lol I get all confused when she uses words like interlock. I'm trying to get her to make me a hime pouch..

  3. I love the I ♥ NYC bag! That's awesome that you're able to sew things like this. I made my husband a stocking one year for Christmas, and as soon as I tried to put something in it, the seams started ripping! Ha ha ha! We just set it out for decoration now. LOL!