January 13, 2010

I Found Love, Online

the first time we met --may '09

This may sound insane, but others won’t really know how it feels like until they're there. So, here's a story about a guy and girl who falls madly in love after meeting at "Safeway" (as me & the BF call it) but it's really..after meeting at Cyworld >> it's like myspace for asians. lol!

Others might think, “oh it’s never going to last” or “it’s not going to work out” or “it’s impossible, it’s just infatuation and not love” or “how could you say you love them if you’ve never met them?” And sure, some of these statements or questions maybe true however, this I ask in return, “HOW COULD YOU BE SO SURE IT’S NOT GOING TO LAST OR WORK OUT? WHAT MAKES YOU SO SURE IT’S JUST INFATUATION AND NOT LOVE? AND, WHAT ARE THE RULES IN ORDER TO LOVE SOMEONE? NONE!”

I personally believe that Love Conquers All. It doesn’t matter where you meet or what circumstances you go through in order for you to get where you are now. Love isn’t measured by a ruler, a measuring stick or by mileage. Love is measured by God’s perfect timing.

To me, I think that love is something much deeper than what people think of it as. Love isn’t based on how long you’ve known a person, because even if you’ve known someone for more than 5 years or over 50 years it doesn’t mean that love will just blossom just because of that certain aspect. Love hits people at the most unexpected times. With my own personal take on this…Honestly, I’m the kind of person whose guard is taller than the Great Wall of China. I never and I mean never let anyone too close to me to the point where they can figure me out or let alone me falling in love with them. I’m the kind of girl who can suppress my emotions and seem strong all the while being just that vulnerable.

People who know me well (which is only a handful) know me as a girl who never lets her guard down for anyone. I don’t just hold guys away with a yardstick; I hold them away at least a 100 miles. With the thought of never loving anyone again until the time is right. This is why I find it so crazy now, how I fell in love with this person.
So some might ask, “What makes him so different that made you fall in love again?” And to that I say, “EVERYTHING!”

He is different because even if we’re similar in a lot of ways, we still both believe on what we believe in and we stand up to those beliefs unwaveringly. He is someone I can have debates with regarding religion, abortion, homosexuality or what have you but even though our stands differ, we somehow reach a common ground and let each other be. He is someone who cares and loves me despite of my many imperfections. They say, God is Love and Love is God & how they say, all of us are made in the images of God. Well, I love him because I see a little piece of God in him. The way he cares for me even though it doesn’t show through words, I feel it! It’s as simple as that. Kind of like a scene in the movie “A Walk to Remember”, Mandy Moore’s character, Jaime tells Landon “God is like the Wind, you don’t see it but you feel it.” which also correlates our kind of love.

I love this person purely because of who he is. He is an amazing person inside and out, someone who in the past used to not be able to open his emotions to people but somehow was able to open up to me. I love him because I don’t have to try, I could just be myself (including my alter egos etc. lol) and he still loves me regardless. I love him because he believes in me. I love him because for the first time, I wasn’t so scared of loving because it is him who I’m loving this time around.

This may sound insanely out of this world, but truthfully, I don’t care about anyone’s opinions regarding this matter. I’m just saying coming from two people who used to be the biggest anti E– relationships (meeting online)

정말 사랑해

*PS. I wrote this in my Cyworld on April 7, 2009 & FYI for those who are curious, me & jae have met in person many times now (funny factoid is that, neither of us had ever met up with someone we just met online besides each other) anyways, even though we have a long distance relationship...it's still amazing, i just love him more and more each day & i can't wait to see him again in march :]


  1. dang, i remember this from long time ago.

    it's still funny. remember i told you i used to make fun of ppl for meeting online (mainly ki)? well, now it's happened to me, and i couldn't be happier, lol!

  2. I know!!!!!! We used to be so ANTI lol guess it showed us who's the boss huh? Hahaha facepalm but like u said, I couldn't be happier. I'm really blessed to have met where I met you and just mainly know that someone as amazing as you loves me. I love you so much babe. Heh

    새끼야!!! 뽀뽀 많이 조! 빨리!! ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. Hi Nikki! Randomly came upon your blog... Lol I found my bf too through japanzone.net.. and I wasn't even looking for love haha. But yes just b/c you initially met through the net doesn't mean it's any worse (or better) than meeting at a bar... I'm glad you guys are so happy together!

    p.s. I followed ♥

  4. Hey Kechiko!
    I'm glad someone understands where I'm coming from. Its nice to know that there are others out there that have found genuine love online. & I definitely agree! its crazy because me and my bf didn't believe in finding love online but it happened and it proved us wrong.

    Good luck with you and your bf too and thank you so much for following :) <3

  5. I understand every bit of this because I have experienced it first hand and everyone thought I was crazy for it.
    Major props to you for making it work, because unfortunately I couldn't.
    And to this day, I still love the person..so congrats on a great long distance relationship. and i hope it lasts forever for you.