January 18, 2010

Homemade- All Natural Facial Scrub

This Certain Facial Scrub is good for All Skin-Types esp. Oily & Acne-Prone skin. (I FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS SCRUB FROM "BUBZBEAUTY")

Since all ingridients in this scrub are all natural, It gives you the benefit of knowing what you put on your skin. No chemicals, etc. which is great! For those who have sensitive & problem skin, I believe that going organic & natural with your skin care is the way to go.

Everything I used for this facial scrub could be found on your pantry, it's even edible. haha! :)

*sugar *honey *apple cider vinegar (NOT REGULAR VINEGAR) *green tea

make sure it's NOT hot anymore when you mix it with the other ingridients

mix the sugar well with the liquids, cause it might get clumpy

pour it in a small container, make sure you clean the mess so NO ANTS :)

*so i've been using the green tea & apple cider vinegar toner & i've noticed that i haven't broken out since, even when i was on my (PERIOD) lmao! so i decided to try the scrub as well.

enjoy! and hope you guys have a great day & a great skin along with that :)


  1. How much of each do you put? You didn't add amounts

  2. Nice pictures. makes it easy to follow the instructions. but, mine wouldn't probably make it to my face. it'll go somewhere else, HAHAH!

  3. Excellent skincare tip, does it work best it a bath!

  4. dannng mexi! so talented with this stuff. if i ever attempted this, i'm afraid i'm going to burn something or cause an allergic reaction to my skin. haha! ;P

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  6. Ahhh I also did this method, but IT stinks LOL...

    It does seem to work..bt I stoppped doing it for a while now.. i SHOULD prob start doing again...