January 26, 2010

EOTD- eye of the day??

double wing (i wanted to try it ^.^)

So here's my EOTD!!!! I wore this look yesterday at school but didn't have time to post it yesterday so I'm posting it tonight :) anyways, hope you guys like this look. Here are the products I've used.

MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre) as Base
MAC e/s (Gold Tease) on the Lid
MAC e/s (Devilish Dark) a little on top of the Crease --just a wash of the color
MAC e/s (Sorcery) on Outer V
ELF's Brightening Eye Color (Luxe --the black e/s with gold flecks) on Crease
Coastal Scent's 88 Shimmer Palette (Natural color--4th e/s to the left) as Highlight
Lancome 4Dreaming Quad (Pearly White e/s) on Inner Corners
Revlon Retracktable Eye Liner on Water line/ Tight line
Femme Couture Gel Liner (Black)
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (Black)

Anyways, hope you guys liked it! it's a pretty dramatic look but it's definitely wearable. Have fun and know that you absolutely do not need to use the same exact products that I've used to make this look. There are lots of good dupes out there that are as good as MAC products. (Actually, all the MAC e/s that I have used to create this look was from the MAC 2009 HOLIDAY COLLECTION PALETTE)


  1. lovely! is that your natural lashes? very pretty!!!

  2. aww thanks!! you're too sweet! & yes! those are my natural lashes :)

  3. Beautiful!!! Sexy look!!! I wish I had ur lashes!!! <3 Rina

  4. where's the "like" button? :p The Gold Tease e/s is SO pretty! I don't own any gold shadows and have been on the hunt for one.. and I need to jump on the wagon and get one of those 88 palettes!

    Is there a tutorial in the near future?

  5. oh, snap! how long did it take?

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  7. Sorry about the above post! I mistyped something. :X

    Anyways, Your eyes are gorgeous! The colors makes your eyes stand out. You should definitely do a tutorial on this when you have time! I'm definitely following now. ^^

  8. @Rina: thanks so much! but actually, i think it's the mascara. my top lashes are a bit shorter and i feel like my lower lasher are longer. haha <33

    @Sophia: thanks beautiful! actually, the 88 palette is pretty handy. it basically has every color in the world but yeah...so if you wanna check it out. go to www.coastalscents.com hehe oh yeah! im working on your email.. i haven't gotten to it yet cause i wasnt feeling so good yesterday. i'll reply as fast as i can. & as far as future tutorials... uhmm, i'll try i'm not really good at doing vids while doing my makeup haha

    @baby: ahaha! babe... you know how long i take when i do makeup. so why you even asking. jkjk! actually it took just as long as when i do my reg. makeup :)

    @Katie: aww thank youuuuu <3 and welcome!! thanks for being my new blog follower ^.^