January 30, 2010



2.4g/ 0.08 oz
comes in a brush wand
a little lighter than Pink Rat
it has silver sparkles
(has a "bubble inside") idk whyy??
USED 1X~$4.00

2.4g/ 0.08 oz
comes in a brush wand
baby pink has gold sparkles
(has a "bubble inside") idk whyy??
USED 1X & SWATCHED 1X~ $4.00


2.4g/ 0.08 oz
comes in a sponge tip wand
color is similar to the picture w/o flash (hot pink with flecks of silver & pink)
NEW~ $5.00

nashville used 1x ~ sanitized
miami~ unused
DEAL~ 2 FOR $1.00

Victoria Secret "Sweet Daydream" Ultra Softening Body Butter
(Apple, Raspberry & Vanilla)
200 g/ 7 oz
NEW ~ $8

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush "Slice of Heaven" Body Double Mist
250ml / 8.4 fl oz
NEW~ $10.00

Forever 21 Gold Ring with Different Colored Encrusted Gems
lots of different colored gems all over the ring w/ different sizes
might be size 6 or 7 [not really sure but it's too big for me]
USED 1X~ $5.00

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet -NO FLASH
(aurora swarovski crystals & lavander swarovski diamond shaped crystals)
color varies on lighting 
7 1/2 inches on length
This is amazingly beautiful in person, don't let the pictures fool you hehe! this is my fave btw <3
NEW~ $10.00

Green Pearl & Cross Charm Bracelet
about 7 inches in length
picture shows true color
NEW~ $3.00

Swarovski Crystals with Royal Blue & Gold Beads
Nylon String = it can stretch & fit you even if you have skinny arms like me
NEW~ $3.00

Red Swarovski Crystals with Cylinder Opal Gems
Nylon String
NEW~ $3.00

Gold Flower Earrings
UNUSED~ $1.00

Green Hawaiian Flower Necklace
Bought from Hawaii
NEW~ $1
[if you buy a $5-up item, you can get this for FREE]

Black Shiny Pearl w/ Cross & Tiny Flowerettes' Bracelet
also a "rosary" bracelet
NEW~ $3.00

Boho-Chic Mint Green Necklace
11 inches in length, can be adjusted by a couple more inches
picture is true to its real color
NEW~ $3.00

Benefit's To-Go Beauty Best Sellers
Some Kind-A-Gorgeous foundation faker: USED 1X & SWATCHED 1X
 That Gal Brightening Fave Primer: NOT USED
High Beam Lumminescent Complexion Enhancer: NOT USED
 Posietint Poppy-Pink Lip & Cheek Stain: USED 1X --sanitized
~ $5.00

Huge Rhinestone Studs -- NO FLASH
about 1 inch.
really cute & shinny, can wear with everything <333

Soft Yellow & Gold dangling earrings
NEW~ $1.00

XOXO Fat Belt
Size S (35 inches on length --one end to the other)
Quilted Pattern
USED 3X~ $5.00

Forever 21 Hippy Belt
Size: M/L (40 inches in length-- from end to end)
In a braided pattern

If you are truly interested in something, please comment below and leave your email & I will contact you immediately

Shipping is $3.00 but if you purchase more than 1 item, Shipping will be $5.00, so you save the more you buy :)

If you guys want something but you think the price is a bit $$$, please contact me and we'll make a deal.
email me at: nicolettesison@yahoo.com
Also, this Blog Sale is first come, first serve! However, you can reserve an item & I can hold it for you for only 3 days minimum. After that, I'll reopen the item to the public again.

Also, I have a lot of other products that are new & unused so depending on what you buy, you can get free stuff from me <3

Thank You & Happy Shopping :)

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January 29, 2010



I'll post up better pictures later on (i was in a hurry and i just end up taking a pic of it with my iphone.) Ok, so here's what you'll get: 2 different bracelets with pearls & swarovski crystals plus a sample of NYX pigment in "pink pop" BTW, im probably going to add more :)

So, now for the rules:

1st Step: You must be a follower of this blog
2nd Step: Blog about this giveaway (be creative!)
3rd Step: You must comment below saying that you're a follower & a link to the blog you did

For the over achievers, hehe! you can do more :)

1.) Follow me on twitter >> http://twitter.com/ette_locin
2.) Tweet about my giveaway
3.) Make a video about it
4.) Tell me what is LOVE is to you

*for the extra stuff make sure you comment seperetly & post a link, so basically you can enter 5 times including the main entry on top.*

--> I will chose the winner on February 13, 2010; 12am GMT & I will be using a random generator to pick the winner, so the more you do the more chances you get :)

Btw, sorry this giveaway is only for U.S. mainland resident only, at least for now hehe! But no worries, when I get 100 followers I'll do an international full-on giveaway with lots of stuff :)

I WILL BE DOING A "BLOG SALE" REALLY SOON [bracelets, necklaces, victoria secret stuff, belts, etc....]

January 28, 2010

이노래(This Song) - 2AM --Covered by me

Hi Guys! So here's a pretty old vid that I haven't posted here on blogger but it's been on my youtube for a while now. I really fell in love with this song even if it's a guy song. Basically the title of this song is --> THIS SONG. lmao! how ironic eh? anyways, what's beautiful about it is it's lyrics. It has this story almost like a korean drama haha! It's about this guy who loves a girl so much but it's like he almost can't love her because he feels like she doesn't deserve to be with a man like him because he can't possibly provide all the luxury in the world that she deserves to have, and although he couldn't provide her with the materialistic things, he then adds that all he could really offer her is "THIS SONG" that expresses every bit of emotion and his unwavering love.

Isn't it just romantic?
Anyways, what's more ironic is that I actually sang the Chorus part to my BF the night of our 6 months. It's because i found it fitting to our situation. Even though I can't give him a lot right now, it's like me saying that I'll always try my best to be the best girlfriend there is and always love him despite of any obstacle, any circumstance and anything else that may come our way.

"줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다
가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다
이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만
그래도 불러 본다 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다"

예쁜 목걸이를 사주고 싶지만, 멋진 차를 태워 주고 싶지만, 예쁜 옷을 입혀 주고 싶지만 오 난, 좋은 곳에 데려가고 싶지만.

 주머니에 넣은 손엔 잡히는 게 없는데, 어떻게 널 잡을 수가 있어. 내 생활은 너에게 어울리지 않는데, 그래도 내 곁에 있어주겠니 있어줄게

줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다, 가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다. 이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만, 그래도 불러 본다 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다

너는 괜찮다고 말을 하지만, 나만 있으면 된다고 하지만, 행복하다고 늘 말해 주지만 너는
더 바라는 게 없다고 하지만 .

예쁘고 좋은 것들 조~권 재밌고 멋진 일들, 너도 분명히 하고 싶잖아 Baby~ 내 곁에 있어 주면 못 하는 걸 알잖아, 그래도 내 곁에 있어 주겠니 함께할게

줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다, 가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다. 이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만, 그래도 불러 본다 이창민 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다

이 노래 밖에 없다, 정말 가진게 이 목소리 밖에 없다 , 이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을진 모르지만
그래도 불러 본다 이노래. 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다, 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다

이재호, 사랑해 <3


January 26, 2010

EOTD- eye of the day??

double wing (i wanted to try it ^.^)

So here's my EOTD!!!! I wore this look yesterday at school but didn't have time to post it yesterday so I'm posting it tonight :) anyways, hope you guys like this look. Here are the products I've used.

MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre) as Base
MAC e/s (Gold Tease) on the Lid
MAC e/s (Devilish Dark) a little on top of the Crease --just a wash of the color
MAC e/s (Sorcery) on Outer V
ELF's Brightening Eye Color (Luxe --the black e/s with gold flecks) on Crease
Coastal Scent's 88 Shimmer Palette (Natural color--4th e/s to the left) as Highlight
Lancome 4Dreaming Quad (Pearly White e/s) on Inner Corners
Revlon Retracktable Eye Liner on Water line/ Tight line
Femme Couture Gel Liner (Black)
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (Black)

Anyways, hope you guys liked it! it's a pretty dramatic look but it's definitely wearable. Have fun and know that you absolutely do not need to use the same exact products that I've used to make this look. There are lots of good dupes out there that are as good as MAC products. (Actually, all the MAC e/s that I have used to create this look was from the MAC 2009 HOLIDAY COLLECTION PALETTE)

January 25, 2010

MUA & Hairstylist's Peak Season +Latest Designs

So, If you guys don't know yet..I've been a freelance MUA & Hairstylist for quite sometime now. I've done different gigs from Weddings, Proms, Formals, Photoshoots, Cotillions (debuts), etc. And this spring is kind of like the peak season for us..because there are lot of Winter Formals & Proms that are going to be happening. Anyways, I have a few appointments scheduled for this Saturday already and I'm excited :) I guess it's cause I've been in hiatus for quite some time now. On the other hand... I've made a couple of new things from my amazing sewing machine <33

LOVE LOVE LOVE BOWS <3 if you can't tell yet lmao :)

(products i used: razor back tank with pink stripes, plain black shirt & a cheeta print fabric)

(products i used: black shirt, gray bouse & white fabric)
--cardigan not included

Please know that I barely knew how to sew & that I'm still a noob at this, but please leave a comment on what you like / not like about these designs :) thank you!

ps. welcome to my new blog followers: RINA, SATOU SPASAMS, JUSTINE, BEYOND ME & JAMILA!!!

January 24, 2010

Latest Creations + OOTD vid

So I started my Fashion30 class (basic industry sewing) last friday, and basically that was the first time since hella ages ago that I've touched a sewing machine. So technically speaking, I'm a noob at this! lmao! But yeah..so the story goes a lil somethin like this...

My BF got me this cute pink sewing machine for my bday last October since I'am going to Fashion school soon and I had mentioned wanting a sewing machine. Anyways, When I got home friday afternoon I wanted to practice all of a sudden. And here are some of my recent creations lmao! Oh! & I was just at JoAnn's yesterday and I got a couple of the Swarovski crystal hearts and basically everything you need to make a necklace.

(Proud to be American Pouch) -- it's just an unwanted shirt. btw, this was the first thing i sewed

(I <3 NY Pouch) -- it's just a worn out shirt that i wasn't ever going to wear again, oh! and this is the second thing i made

(Hime-type Shoulder Sachel) -- It's just an unused and never will use bubble skirt, overall shorts straps & random accessories to make it nicer

this is the first dress i made! i used an old cheetah print shirt for the top half and the bottom half of a short dress & just a sewn bow that i made too

It's a Swarovski crystal heart that i made in less than 10 mins lol :)


January 21, 2010

Valentines Giveaway!!!

Enchanted Little Things selling cute handmade jewelries ranging from necklaces to bracelets to cellphone charms. Another great thing about it is, it is fairly affordable and she always has giveaways and stuff like that.

So please check out her site and while you're at it, join the giveaway. I mean, come on...who doesn't like free stuff or at least winning something right?? All you have to do is be a follower and blog about her site and about the giveaway and then comment her blog and post a link with the blog that you posted about her site and you are on your way to possibly winning something that's made with lots of love. ALSO, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO MENTION ON YOUR BLOG THAT NIKKI REFFERED YOU :)

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January 20, 2010

PinkyParadise Geo Angel Brown + FOTD & OOTD

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses.

Packaging: 5/5

it came in this envelope thingy with those bubble wrap stuff inside. the product was wrapped in bubble wrap too. and the lens case was in it's plastic bag. (what i loved about it was the USPS personally delivered it to the front of my house instead of just putting it in the mailbox along with the regular mail)

Geo Angel Brown Lenses $19.90 (prescripted; -3.50)
(here's the info about the lenses via www.pinkyparadise.com)

Weight: 100grams
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Diameter: 14.0mm
Brand: Geo Medical

Initial Review:

Price: 5/5 
Comfort: 4.5/5 

The lenses itself is fairly comfortable, but what i did was right when i got the lenses off the bottles they came in, i rinsed and rubbed both lenses with solution on my palms to make sure that there are no chemicals. then, i let the lenses soak in solution inside the lens case for about an hour or so to make sure it doesn't sting your eye when you put it on.

I actually like the color of this lens because it doesnt look too fake nor does it make my eyes look ridiculously HUGE. It looks pretty natural aside from the thick rim of the circle lens but I REALLY LOVE IT <3

The delivery time took at least 3 weeks to almost a month which is fairly slow compared to some people who have ordered previously. maybe it's because i ordered it on christmas or idk? but i was definitely not pleased on how long it took, although i'm pretty sure it wasn't PP's fault. (i know that during the holidays USPS does get a bit busy)

Overall, I like the product and what i love most about it is that, it is prescripted which is a great thing because i can finally see without relaying too much on my glasses. 

I would definitely order from this company again :)

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

(face of the day & outfit of the day)

Sultry- Smoky Brown Eyes: (products i used)

*MAC paint pot (soft ocher), *Estee Laudere Smoky Pink Duo (taupe e/s), *F21 E/S (brown w/ gold flecks e/s), *Sephora N05 Duo (brown e/s), Lancome 4Dreaming Quad (pearl e/s), LÓreal Hip Duo--Platinum (black w/ silver flecks e/s), *Femme Couture gel liner *Revlon retractable eye liner, Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara.