December 8, 2009

So ELFalicious

So, I've recently heard about E.L.F Cosmetics (Eye Lips Face) within this year through the infamous Youtube. Lol! I've watched tons of ELF product reviews from youtube make-up gurus before actually conforming in purchasing some of the products.

And after giving into buying my 1st batch, I could not stop! It's like an obssession. Not just cause most of the products on that ELF website ( ) were mostly $1, Yes! I kid you not! only $1 for their regular line and the Studio Line is $3 and their Mineral make-up are like $5 i think. But besides that their products are super inexpensive & affordable, most of their products are very comparable to some high-end cosmetic brands.

I mean, why waste a ton of money on some high-end brands when you can get the same exact look or pay-off from ELF, or any other affordable cosmetic brands out there?

So here it is....
my new current obssession. (since my stupid laptop won't allow me to post pictures, i'll just mention some of the ELF products that are 5/5 for me & i'll do a quick review about my TOP 5 ELF PRODUCTS)

1.) Mineral Infused Face Primer --$6
2.) Mineral Booster--$5
3.) Eye lash curler--$1
4.) Studio Line Flat-top Powder Brush --$3,
      Eye Shadow Brush & Blending Brush --$1 each
5.) Eyelid Primer --$1


Studio Line Mineral Infused Face Primer -- 0.49oz/ 14g

It's too small but the container makes it look a lot bigger because the main covering is like magnified but nonetheless it's a great product. You only need a pea-size amount for your whole face, hence the fact that the products will definitely last you a while.

The consistency isn't sticky at all, It glides on super smooth on the face and it definitely doesn't  give you an oily finish. It's like silicone based minus the silicone.

It gives you a soft and silky finish on your skin for your foundation to go on. (i've tried using it with a liquid foundation and also a mineral foundation, it works great on both)

i like this product alot! & i'll definitely get more when i run out :)

Mineral Booster -- net wt. 0.18oz

The container is like the the other typical mineral cosmetics (black matte lid with the logo on top & a plastic drainer-looking thing so you don't waste so much product when using it)

Well my initial reaction to this product is that it would just be like an ordinary powder, but boy was I wrong. When i applied this mineral booster with my ELF flat-top powder brush, it left my face looking matte, super soft and silky and not oily looking at all (considering that i have oily-acne prone skin)

It also said that this Mineral Booster has Vitamin A,B,C & E which promotes a much healthier looking skin. It definitely reduces any fine lines/ wrinkles and makes your pores appear "invisible" --I personally don't have large pores but i do have some roughness on the side of my nose, and it makes it less visible :)

definitely love this product & going to get more later <3

Pink Eye Lash Curler from the Sugar Line

Hands down the best eye lash curler I've ever used & trust me...I've used a lot. This Eye lash curler comes in Black or Baby Pink. I got both but i like the Pink better since it's my favorite color.

Btw, I've noticed a size difference between the two. (or maybe its just because i got the black one at Target??) but definitely a few cm difference.

But what can I even say about this lash curler? It's amazing, superb, I give it a million thumbs up!
It has this springy-thing that gives it the pressure you want so that you only have to curl your lashes once to get the curl you want.

I definitely recommend this product! Its great and its only $1 --ONE DOLLAR -- a buck! that's it ;)

Studio Line Powder Brush -- E/S Brush -- Blending E/S Brush

Ok, so I know this is cheating but I can't just pick one brush out of these 3. I love them all equally, but I'll have to give a quick review about them individually.

So, first of is the Powder Brush, it's a flat-top brush.
Super dense but extremely soft.
It's comes in this black slick matte handle and black bristles.
I've used it to buff harsh lines from my bronzer on my cheeks & nose, Pat my pressed powder or my matte powder & to buff my mineral booster onto my skin.

& did i say its super soft?? Ughh! I love love love it!!


Then here comes the $1 Eye Shadow Brush from the regular ELF line. You would only think that the quality sucks since its only $1 but, trust me... it's not!
Compared to my Sonia Kashuk e/s brush, I personally love this one alot better.

It comes in this frosty finish- white handle.
the bristles are super soft as well & pretty dense, good for packing in e/s onto you lid.
this brush is great for people with much bigger eyes since the brush is bigger than some of my e/s brushes.


Now lastly the Blending Brush.
also $1, comes in the same handle as the e/s brush, but a slightly longer handle.
It's just as soft and dense. Great for blending out the harsh lines that you might have made with your eye shadows. Also great for blending the colors together :)

You can allso use this to contour your nose by sweeping a bronzing powder on the side of your nose to make it appear longer.

Eyelid Primer --0.17oz / 5ml

My initial reaction to this product was it looks like it could be cakey and make my e/s's crease.
But it's consistency was actually very smooth, not thick whatsoever.
It's like you're not wearing any primer at all.

The color is like a concealer but once you blend it in all over your eyelid, it just sinks in.
It definitely lasts a while and doesn't make your e/s's crease. Leaves your e/s's looking like you just applied it on even if you had it on for hours on end.

It comes with this sponge-tip applicator but I, personally just do 1-2 pats of the product on my lids and smooth it out with my fingers. This primer recieved great ratings on the eyeslipsface website which is why i wanted to try it. & So far it hasn't failed me.

FYI: I have personally purchased all the ELF products myself with my own money. I'am not affiliated with their company nor did they pay me to state good reviews about their products. Everything in this blog is based on my personal opinion & experience :)

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