December 9, 2009

My ELF Collective Haul

So, I'm using my deskstop instead of my laptop & I can finally put up some pics :)
Just to let you guys know, I've bought most of these items at the eyeslipsface website with the exception of a few items which I personally purchased at my nearst Target. And yes ladies, you heard me right! For those who haven't heard, ELF products are now at Target. I even saw some E/S kits at Ross & some lippies at other clothing stores at the malls :) so make sure you check em' out and see what great finds you find? lmao!

Anyways, here's my semi-massive ELF haul for the past few months <3

from left to right,starting from the top:
 2 Natural Lash kit (Black), E/S Quad (Luxe), Studio Line Blush & Bronzing Powder, Studio Line Translucent Matte Powder w/ Sponge, Shielding Hydro Tint (Honey), Shielding Hydro Tinted (Spice), All Over Color Stick (Pink Lemonade), Natural Radiance Blusher (Flushed), Natural Radiance Blusher (Glow), Natural Radiance Blusher (Innocence), Tone Correcting Concealer, Eyelid Primer, Mineral Booster, Studio Line Mineral Infused Face Primer, Super Glossy Lip Shine (Nashville), Super Glossy Lip Shine (Miami), Sugar Kiss Line Eye Lash Curler (Pink), Eye Lash Curler (Black), Eye Kit (Reg-Waterproof Duo Mascara, Lash & Brow Duo Gel, Eye Brightening Eyeliner--Black), Sugar Kiss Line Lipliner (Natural--came in 2pencil liners + sharpener), Lucious Liquid Lipstick (Pink Lemonade), Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm (Strawberry Creme), Sugar Kiss Lipgloss Tin (Fruity Friday) 3 E/S Brushes, 2 Blending Brushes, Studio Line Flat-top Powder Brush, Bronzing Brush & Total Face Brush.

Please let me know if you want me to review anything from this bunch.

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