December 31, 2009

LA Lakers-Inspired Makeup

So, I don't really like the Lakers (no offense to some of you LA Laker fans) but I didn't know what else to call this purple-gold look so yeah! hehe! hope you guys like it.

with flash

with out flash

using my iPhone's camera-- without flash

open "cyclops" eye with extreme flash

Ok, so here's the stuff I used:

-ELF Eyelid Primer
-MAC Soft Ochre (base)
-Coastal Scent's 88 Palette (gold)--all over the lids
-MAC's Gold Tease--all over the lids
-MAC's Devilishly Dark--on lower crease
-Milani's Shock 15 --on upper crease
-MAC's Sorcery --on the outer "v"
-Lancom's 4Dreaming Quad Palette (pearly white e/s) --on inner corners
-MAC's Oh My Darling --as highlight
-Femme Couture Gel liner (black) --on lids & 3/4 of lower lids
-Revlon Colorstay retractable liner (black) --on water line
-Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

FINISH!!! lol


  1. zomg nikki, totally deleting you off my friends list on blogger AND facebook cus you don't like the lakers.

  2. HAHAHA just kidding. Hi :) Lookin' beautiful AS USUAL. Don't worry, i'm not a huge lakers fan either. *whispers* especially kobe hahahha! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i've probably greeted you already but oh wellz! :) have a good one!

  3. wow, both of you suck.

    anyways, cover up, lol.

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