December 24, 2009

LA + Collective Haul + More Holiday Splurging

So as some of you guys may know I was in LA last weekend to spend time with the BF at his home turf. lmao! him and his friend came all the way from LA on thursday and me, my bf, his friend & his friend's gf all left Norcal on Friday after my Final Exams. (: And boy, was it the longest drive ever -_- idk why but it was insane.

Anyways, got to LA around 8-9pm ish, checked in and went to meet one of my BF's friends (moses) hehe! picked him up & we ate at IHOP since it's the only one open at 11pm. Got back around 1am. Then Saturday came, ate at Hooters for breakfast then me and BF went to Sta. Monica Pier cause one of his friends worked there and he hasn't seen him in a while. Since his friend worked there, he hooked us up with unlimited rides pass. Me & BF rode the ferris wheel (damn, i thought i was more braver than i originally imagined, but once i got just all flew out the window -_-) But good thing I had BF next to me to hold me real tight. Well, he kind of didn't have a choice, I told him to not let go or else, I'll kick his ass ;) Anyways, although we didn't take advantage of the unlimited ride pass, me & BF just decided to call that an experience & go shopping instead.

My BF being the weirdo that he is decided to give me a $100 shopping spree at Lush & Sephora. Yeah, crazy right? I tell him that if he keeps doing this, people might think I'm his hoe. lmao!! But anyways, got to Glendale Galleria (& boy, was it insanely packed. man, people need to stop doing last minute christmas shopping haha!)

But yeah, Since I knew most of what i wanted..we didn't take that long. It was hot & nauseating -_-' all the crowd was making me dizzy so good thing we got what we needed & left.

spent around like $64 on Lush Items (Herbalism, Fresh Farmacy, Tea Tree Water, Enzymion & Love Lettuce) then spend around $57 at Sephora. & $9 at F21 (bought some stuff for my mom & my little sister)

Then after the mall, we decided to go to Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Hollywood for some Mojo Potatoes. Man, I hella missed those. Its been about 9 years since I last had it in the Philippines, so i was ecstatic. Then after chomping on 2 to-go boxes full on mojo's me & BF decided to go to his friends house & he made me some DUKBOKKI (korean spicy rice cakes) & even though he didn't think it was good, I personally loved it since he made it from his heart (aww, too corny! lol) After that we got ready again to go out...our original plan was to Noraebang, but sh!t happened so we stuck at this cute/ chick korean coffee shop and decided it was too late so we just went bowling with Moses again :) he's a good sport for being the "3rd person" it was hella fun though so yeah, It was all good once again :)

Sunday came, and ahhh~ it was the most terrifying & exciting event ever..well so far it was. I met my BF's mom 0_0' i was so nervous, i was even shaking but turns out she is the sweetest & most thoughtful-est lady <3 She gave me a hug after i said "anyeonghaseyo" then she handed me this little aqua baggie & she said something like "headband" Man, was i shocked cause I didn't expect any of that at all. I was expecting those typical korean mom's in kdrama's with piercing eyes like they're gonna swallow you whole. lmao! but my BF's mom was totally nice. so after handing me the bag I said "kamsahamnida" :) and she just smiled, told me i was so skinny. LOOOL! then it was over & we had to part ways to go back to NORCAL =/ I thought to myself, "i hope time goes by fast when i meet her" but after meeting her, i wished we could've spent more time getting to know each other. But it was the start & according to my BF, his mom liked me. so it's all good :)

oh & did i tell you, she made us some KIMBAP to-go?
(btw, there were 2 stacks but me & bf ate the 1st layer prior to this pic..actually, it was me who ate most of it haha!)

As, we drove off I couldn't help myself so i ended up opening the bag she gave me. It had this cute pink card saying "merry christmas & happy new year!!" & something in korean (haengbok haseyo & bangawuh yo) "be happy & nice to meet you" And I swear, if I wasn't touched by that I would be crazy. It was so cute :) & inside the bag were two head bands. <33 it was love! lol! I mean, if you knew me.. you'll know that anything that's pink & shiny, i'd totally love.

So yeah that was the trip. Came back home with the BF & he also met my parents. WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY at that. crazy! but he did great :) my mom, most especially loved him, which is great because that is so important for me.


have a merry christmas & a happy new year


  1. dang, that was a fun week. btw, what you talking about? you are my "hoe."

  2. hooooold on. my bf keeps talking about shakeys in the philippines and their to die for potatoes.... THEY HAVE THEM IN CALIFORNIA!?!?!? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??? okay. that's it. i'm flyin' over. ( i really am, next year... most likely. hehe)


    edit: my word verification was "goarybum" - dunno why but i just felt the need to tell you that. haaha!

  3. @babe: lmaooo you sekki lol jk iloveu
    @kym: ya they have it in LA lol I didn't knw abt it too till recently frm my tita so when I went to la I told my bf we had to stop by for some mojo potatoes. It's not as good as in the Philippines but it's still pretty f
    good :)

    Ps., you're so cute kym lol hope ur christmas went well btw, your bf's Filipino too?