December 17, 2009

I got the brown eyed blues

"When she leaves the night I want to leave with her too, And she's on my mind, like all, all the time
when we touch I go weak, and I can hardly speak.
And I hope that she's thinking about me cause I'm always thinking of her. I just wanna hold her hand, be her man, I wanna know if she'd take a chance
Cause I still have not revealed it, Cause I still get the feelin', That lovin her is a game I'll always lose
I got the brown eyed blues" --Adrian Hood (Brown Eyed Blues)

So here's the eye make-up of the day. I wore this earlier when I took my mom shopping :) I used less than 8 products to create this smokey brown look. It has this "simplicity at its best" type of look to it which is good for an everyday look especially when you're in a hurry (ie. school, work, etc)

-ELF Eyelid Primer
-Estee Laudere "Pink Smoky" (gray e/s) all over the lid
-Forever 21 e/s (brown w/ gold flecks e/s) on crease
-ELF Eye Brightening Shadow "Luxe" (soft black w/ gold flecks e/s) on outer v
-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner & Pencil Liner (black) on lids & waterline
-Maybelline's Blackest Black Mascara
-ELF lash curler

The Finished Product? LOL!
(btw, if you're wondering what lipstick i'm using...i'm using maybelline's color sensational lipstick in pink please. MY CURRENT NUDY-PINK FAVE)

So, for an un-makeup related topic..
My momma got me this cute v-neck shirt! I got it in medium since i love big shirts on me :) & What's great is that its only $10.98, whatta steal right? <3

it says the randomest shizz eva
(omg heart lover not a fighter omg love my bff free hugs for everyone run dmc you rock) HAHAHA! i died, this tee is freakin' epic ;)

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