December 15, 2009

Free Samples! Free Samples! Free Samples!

Sup People!!!
Well, this is a blog about free samples! everyone loves free stuff right? I mean why buy the expensive full size and not know how the products react on your skin or how you'd like it, etc? Well, companies have this idea of giving out samples. Some are free but all you have to pay is a small amount for the shipping & handling, but some are entirely free..just fill out some stuff and wait until it comes to you :)

So here's a few things i wanted to try out...

Mario Badescu Skin Care: i heard alot of rave about his skin care line because it's supposedly effective but super $$$ >> just simply fill this out and check your email a couple of days after and click on the confirmation link that they send you then TADA!! a few days later you'll recieve their free sample kit.

btw, i think they give you about 5 samples? but i'll let you know once i recieve the free stuff in my mail.

Best Bath Store: this one, i heard from "Lepook" on youtube and apparently there products are very similar to Lush stuff. Handmade, Cruelty free-no testing on animals which is a big plus in my book & everything is made of all Natural ingridients. So the thing wit this one is you get 5 samples of whatever you want for free but all you have to do is pay $6.95 for the shipping which is pretty affordable for most of us. So check em out >>

the 5 product samples i picked out were:

1.) Acne Facial Bar
2.) Acne Treatment Gel
3.) Dead Sea Mud Mask
4.) Intensive Under Eye Treatment
5.) Pore Refining Facial Toner

*there were more that i signed up for but i don't know the links heh!
--Dove shampoos
--Aveeno shampoos
--Tampons (LOOOL! =X girls, gotta try that one too right?)
--umm i know there were more but i'll find them and post em here :)

So instead of buying the full-sized products, why don't you try em out first & see if you like em.


  1. damn, if i was into make up. this seems like a balling deal!

  2. haha babe~ you're too cute! anyways it's not make-up. its just a bunch of skin care stuff :D

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