December 15, 2009

Eki Love

So, I've heard about this girl who makes cute hand made pouches, cell phone baggies & even hair accessories (cute hair bows, pins, clips, headbands) from a long long time ago. The thing is that I never really had an active blog which is why I personally couldn't follow her. But now, since I have an exsisting, active blog I can folllow her all I want. 0_o" wait, that didn't sound right...sounds so "stalker-ish" haha! well it's not my fault her items are really cute. Here's some of her items for sale. It goes by fast, so check it out.

But anyways, check this girl out! she has mad skills on creating some of the most "adorable-est" things ever.
>> or simply click her site logo on the side bar ;)

1 comment:

  1. hola mexicana! hahaa! jk jk.... 1/2 black seriously??? i dunno man.. some people are crazzzyy.. like those that think i'm part new zealander? really? haha! ang layo right? (did you understand that?)

    anyway, love love love eki & her creations! :) you'll find that there are TONS of creative ppl on blogger! hehe! can't wait to read more from u, take care!