December 31, 2009

LA Lakers-Inspired Makeup

So, I don't really like the Lakers (no offense to some of you LA Laker fans) but I didn't know what else to call this purple-gold look so yeah! hehe! hope you guys like it.

with flash

with out flash

using my iPhone's camera-- without flash

open "cyclops" eye with extreme flash

Ok, so here's the stuff I used:

-ELF Eyelid Primer
-MAC Soft Ochre (base)
-Coastal Scent's 88 Palette (gold)--all over the lids
-MAC's Gold Tease--all over the lids
-MAC's Devilishly Dark--on lower crease
-Milani's Shock 15 --on upper crease
-MAC's Sorcery --on the outer "v"
-Lancom's 4Dreaming Quad Palette (pearly white e/s) --on inner corners
-MAC's Oh My Darling --as highlight
-Femme Couture Gel liner (black) --on lids & 3/4 of lower lids
-Revlon Colorstay retractable liner (black) --on water line
-Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

FINISH!!! lol

December 30, 2009

My Last Online Splurge --Eyeko Beauty

Ok, Ok... So I know I've been online shopping like crazy, but the thing is it's so hard not to when there are SALES going on around me. So, last night i bought some stuff on Cherry Culture --10 NYX lipsticks (on sale for like $1.75 each i think = good steal) & also ordered some stuff at Sephora's $10 & under section. I got the Benefit on the go kit (i think, that's what it's called??) & the NARS duo concealer palette for like $10 each. Which is such a good find, in my opinion :)

And so, a few minutes ago.. I was browsing through, it's this super cute and animated cosmetic company based in London that makes these super adorable looking products. From creams, to tinted creams to eyeliners, mascaras, lip balms, nail polishes & more.

So just now, I've placed my order on this limited edition special sale on the Eyeko Cream & Tinted Cream Set for only $13, not bad eh? considering that the Eyeko Cream by itself is $9 and the Tinted Cream is $8.

Anyways, the fun doesn't stop there cause me being an Eyeko Ambassador they give me a special code to recieve a 20% discount plus a free gift I believe because of that special code on the SIDE BAR (check it out!!) so all in all my purchase came out as $10.40 only +FREE SHIPPING. Because if you didn't know Eyeko Beauty ships for free, world wide. :)

But yeah, that's the end of it and the end of my ridiculous holiday splurging. All in all, give or take, my order isn't more than $60.00 which is super Great! not just for me but also for my wallet ^_^V

So here's what I've ordered:

It says on the site that these creams are made with hydrading jojoba boosted with antioxidants, vitamin a & e plus vitamin c for a luminous finish.

The Eyeko Cream is a 3-in-1 cream. (Highlighter, Moisturizer & Eye Cream) & The Tinted Cream is like a tinted moisturizer that gives you a sun-kissed glow.

Ahh~ so excited! I've been wanting to try their product especially the creams. I can't wait!

December 29, 2009

iPhone + Late-Night Boredom

So it's 2:47am, bored & getting to the point where I'm about to just K.O. But yeah, this is NOT make-up / fashion related but just thought I'd blog or post random shizz on my blog. haha!

So here's me & the BF as my phone's wallpaper (2:40am..must sleep)

[[whoops i ended up deleting the url of the pic..i'll reupload it again later]]

me & the BF's "random-cheesy-corny-nonsense" text convos
(he's the gray bubble & i'm the green one)

the story behind this text is: Basically, he doesn't really watch any Korean dramas unless it's NOT those typical "lovey dovey- cutesy" kdramas. I just find it so cute that he was watching another korean drama besides the one he previously liked which was under the category of historic-actionish type of kdrama.

On a much OFF-THE-TOPIC-KIND-OF-NOTE, starting this JAN2010, my BF's gonna do this crazy type of DIEt. with NO carbs. -_- (I, personally would die without RICE, cause i love it so much) But yeah, I'll miss my Piggy Wiggy cause our "food baby" will soon go away lmao! But yeah, he said he want's to be as ripped as Rain (in the movie, Ninja Assassin)

Anyways, who am I to stop him from trying to look like that ;) but yeah, I guess it's just a mix of emotions since I've never saw him lean and I'm kindof a weirdo when it comes to changes, I don't adapt easily but shizz, if he's gonna look like that...who am I to complain. + I'll love him regardless anyways (pfft, fat or love for that foo is unwavering, PERIOD)

sweet dreams bloggers.

On a much much lighter note...I was nominated for the "Gorgeous Blogger Award" by Sam.

ps. thanks SAM for the award
She's so sweet..check her out

anyways, i'm supposed to do the following things:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award >>thanks sam!<<

2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate
ok so 7 "interesting" things about myself:

1. I'm a Lefty, yep! I'm left handed folks--technically ambidextrous ;)
2.) I love scary movies, but I get scared easily
3.) I'm too nice for my own good, it's hard for me to stay MAD
4.) I'm really 22, people think I'm underage -_- asian genes lol!
5.) I can read & write in Korean. I can speak the basics (my BF's mom said i'm better than him ;) hah i had to brag lol!!
6.) I'm anemic so i get sick & get cold fast but i love winter
7.) I'm definitely moving to LA to go to FIDM ;)
7 Gorgeous Bloggers than I nominate for this award:

Janice aka Chaigyaru
Erika aka Ekimura
Kym aka Ms. Zoolander
Phi aka Style Walker
Hanh aka Ahanhbarbie
Elisa aka Swtsmillez

December 28, 2009

Month of December Massive Haul

So here are some pics i took with my phone. This massive haul were all purchased this month of december. ay caramba! lol!!!!

2 Evian mineral water sprays, Lush's Herbalism Face Cleanser, Lush's Enzymion, Lush's Tea Tree Water, Sexy Bath&Body (Sexy Hands-handcreme), Color Me Sexy (Leave-in conditioner), H20+ water activated eye makeup remover, Lush's Love Letuce Fresh Face Mask, Lush's Fresh Farmacy Face Cleanser, Stila Illuminating Powder (Rose Gold), Sephora's Colorful Duo (N05)

--I bought the following items at the Lush, Sephora & TJMaxx Stores

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation w/ SPF6 in Warm Golden & Natural Tan
(i bought it as a BOGO sale at Wallgreens when I was in SF)

8 NYX ROUND LIPSTICKS (not in order shown on the pic)
Sky Pink, Snow White, Ulysses, Strawberry Pink, Narcissus, Indian Pink, Tea Rose, Apollo

--I bought these nyx lipsticks at for $1.75 but they have a promo code which is (SALE20) and you get 20% off. However shipping is $5.95 which is the standard shipping, which isn't so bad either considering the fact that I got my stuff in less than a week :)

Btw, my holiday shopping spree doesn't end there. I just recently ordered 10 more NYX round lipsticks which only cost me $21.18 (shipping&handling + tax + 20% off promo code included)

the colors i got: Margarita, Fig, Femme, Thalia, Circe, Electra, Herades, Georgia, Frappucino & Pumpkin Pie

Oh and I also bought some stuff at the Sephora Online Store. I got the stuff on Sale for $10 each, plus the Sephora Website also offers 3 free samples for every order. Shipping & Handling was $5.95, so my order came out as $27.75

I got the Benefit Cosmetics Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers ($30 Value) - Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers for only $10 and the NARS Custard & Ginger Duo Concealer for also $10. And I also got 3 free samples. I chose the StriVectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream, Fusion Beauty LipFusionXL Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy (for my momma, lol!) & the Juicy Couture (Couture Couture Eau de Parfum)

And... last but not the least!!!! I ordered a prescripted circle lense at, I got the Geo Angel Brown (-3.50 on each lens) it cost me around $25?? (not sure, and too lazy to look) but i'm pretty sure it isn't more than that.
Anyways, this should be my last haul for a while. hehe!

On the other hand here are some pictures of what my cute & loving boyfriend got me for Christmas. My new 38 piece MAC brush set.

the brushes in the leather brush holder (this was when i first got them from the mail)

& this is when I transferred my brushes in my cute brush holders (eye brushes on the blingy green pot & face brushes on the silver polka-dot box)

Anyways, that's it for now! AHH~ such a long blog, just about shopping & shizz! but what can I do? I'm a girl and shopping is my best friend, however I can't say the same as far as my wallets opinion. lol!!


December 26, 2009

December 25, 2009

Merry MAChristmas!!

Ahh so happy, my cousin just got me the 2009 MAC Holiday Collection Palette & Lipglass/Lusterglass set.
& the BF got me 38 MAC brushes :) I'm so excited!

6 Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows
(oh my darling, dare ya!, sorcery, gold tease, prankster, devilish dark)

5 Frisky Business Bright Mini Lipglass/Lusterglass
(wonder  struck lusterglass, pinkrat lusterglass, beaute lipglass, silly girl lipglass, totally it lipglass)

also, the BF got me a 38 piece MAC brush set. --i'll post up pics on my next blog :)

anyways, i'll post real pictures when i have time. i'll also try to do swatches and reviews if you want ;)
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

December 24, 2009

LA + Collective Haul + More Holiday Splurging

So as some of you guys may know I was in LA last weekend to spend time with the BF at his home turf. lmao! him and his friend came all the way from LA on thursday and me, my bf, his friend & his friend's gf all left Norcal on Friday after my Final Exams. (: And boy, was it the longest drive ever -_- idk why but it was insane.

Anyways, got to LA around 8-9pm ish, checked in and went to meet one of my BF's friends (moses) hehe! picked him up & we ate at IHOP since it's the only one open at 11pm. Got back around 1am. Then Saturday came, ate at Hooters for breakfast then me and BF went to Sta. Monica Pier cause one of his friends worked there and he hasn't seen him in a while. Since his friend worked there, he hooked us up with unlimited rides pass. Me & BF rode the ferris wheel (damn, i thought i was more braver than i originally imagined, but once i got just all flew out the window -_-) But good thing I had BF next to me to hold me real tight. Well, he kind of didn't have a choice, I told him to not let go or else, I'll kick his ass ;) Anyways, although we didn't take advantage of the unlimited ride pass, me & BF just decided to call that an experience & go shopping instead.

My BF being the weirdo that he is decided to give me a $100 shopping spree at Lush & Sephora. Yeah, crazy right? I tell him that if he keeps doing this, people might think I'm his hoe. lmao!! But anyways, got to Glendale Galleria (& boy, was it insanely packed. man, people need to stop doing last minute christmas shopping haha!)

But yeah, Since I knew most of what i wanted..we didn't take that long. It was hot & nauseating -_-' all the crowd was making me dizzy so good thing we got what we needed & left.

spent around like $64 on Lush Items (Herbalism, Fresh Farmacy, Tea Tree Water, Enzymion & Love Lettuce) then spend around $57 at Sephora. & $9 at F21 (bought some stuff for my mom & my little sister)

Then after the mall, we decided to go to Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Hollywood for some Mojo Potatoes. Man, I hella missed those. Its been about 9 years since I last had it in the Philippines, so i was ecstatic. Then after chomping on 2 to-go boxes full on mojo's me & BF decided to go to his friends house & he made me some DUKBOKKI (korean spicy rice cakes) & even though he didn't think it was good, I personally loved it since he made it from his heart (aww, too corny! lol) After that we got ready again to go out...our original plan was to Noraebang, but sh!t happened so we stuck at this cute/ chick korean coffee shop and decided it was too late so we just went bowling with Moses again :) he's a good sport for being the "3rd person" it was hella fun though so yeah, It was all good once again :)

Sunday came, and ahhh~ it was the most terrifying & exciting event ever..well so far it was. I met my BF's mom 0_0' i was so nervous, i was even shaking but turns out she is the sweetest & most thoughtful-est lady <3 She gave me a hug after i said "anyeonghaseyo" then she handed me this little aqua baggie & she said something like "headband" Man, was i shocked cause I didn't expect any of that at all. I was expecting those typical korean mom's in kdrama's with piercing eyes like they're gonna swallow you whole. lmao! but my BF's mom was totally nice. so after handing me the bag I said "kamsahamnida" :) and she just smiled, told me i was so skinny. LOOOL! then it was over & we had to part ways to go back to NORCAL =/ I thought to myself, "i hope time goes by fast when i meet her" but after meeting her, i wished we could've spent more time getting to know each other. But it was the start & according to my BF, his mom liked me. so it's all good :)

oh & did i tell you, she made us some KIMBAP to-go?
(btw, there were 2 stacks but me & bf ate the 1st layer prior to this pic..actually, it was me who ate most of it haha!)

As, we drove off I couldn't help myself so i ended up opening the bag she gave me. It had this cute pink card saying "merry christmas & happy new year!!" & something in korean (haengbok haseyo & bangawuh yo) "be happy & nice to meet you" And I swear, if I wasn't touched by that I would be crazy. It was so cute :) & inside the bag were two head bands. <33 it was love! lol! I mean, if you knew me.. you'll know that anything that's pink & shiny, i'd totally love.

So yeah that was the trip. Came back home with the BF & he also met my parents. WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY at that. crazy! but he did great :) my mom, most especially loved him, which is great because that is so important for me.


have a merry christmas & a happy new year

December 17, 2009

My thoughts in KO-REEE-AN!

심심해 그리고 정말 배고파지만 난 공부가 필요

흠....니키 파이팅!?!? ~_~ ᄏᄏᄏ

I got the brown eyed blues

"When she leaves the night I want to leave with her too, And she's on my mind, like all, all the time
when we touch I go weak, and I can hardly speak.
And I hope that she's thinking about me cause I'm always thinking of her. I just wanna hold her hand, be her man, I wanna know if she'd take a chance
Cause I still have not revealed it, Cause I still get the feelin', That lovin her is a game I'll always lose
I got the brown eyed blues" --Adrian Hood (Brown Eyed Blues)

So here's the eye make-up of the day. I wore this earlier when I took my mom shopping :) I used less than 8 products to create this smokey brown look. It has this "simplicity at its best" type of look to it which is good for an everyday look especially when you're in a hurry (ie. school, work, etc)

-ELF Eyelid Primer
-Estee Laudere "Pink Smoky" (gray e/s) all over the lid
-Forever 21 e/s (brown w/ gold flecks e/s) on crease
-ELF Eye Brightening Shadow "Luxe" (soft black w/ gold flecks e/s) on outer v
-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner & Pencil Liner (black) on lids & waterline
-Maybelline's Blackest Black Mascara
-ELF lash curler

The Finished Product? LOL!
(btw, if you're wondering what lipstick i'm using...i'm using maybelline's color sensational lipstick in pink please. MY CURRENT NUDY-PINK FAVE)

So, for an un-makeup related topic..
My momma got me this cute v-neck shirt! I got it in medium since i love big shirts on me :) & What's great is that its only $10.98, whatta steal right? <3

it says the randomest shizz eva
(omg heart lover not a fighter omg love my bff free hugs for everyone run dmc you rock) HAHAHA! i died, this tee is freakin' epic ;)

December 16, 2009

The Ultimate Purple-Pink Smokey Eye

So for those who haven't noticed yet, I'm a bit of a smokey eye gal. Yes! I must admit, I'm into the sophisticated-elegant-classy with an edge kind of  look. So, if you are too..check this one out

btw, sorry for the picture quality (again, i used my camera phone to take these pics)

So, here are the products that i used to create this look:

-ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer
-Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23
-Revlon Colorstay Foundation (340 Early Tan)
-ELF Mineral Booster
-NYC Cheek & Glow Powder Blush (West Side Wine)
-ELF Blush & Bronzing Powder (Bronzer only)
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW30)
-ELF Tone Correcting Concealer (Honey)

-ELF Eyelid Primer
-ELF All Over Color Stick (Pink Lemonade)
-Milani E/S (15 Shock)
-Coastal Scent 88 Shimmer Palette (Matte Black)
-L'Oreal Hip Metalic Duo (Platinum --Shimery Black)
-Prestige Shadow Duo (Cinnamon Stick--Champagne)
-Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner ( Blackest Black)
-Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner (Black)
-Maybelline Blackest Black Mascara
-Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara (Black)
-ELF Lash Curler

-Rimmel Lipstick (006 Pink Blush)
-Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner (Tiramisu)
-Shiseido The Makeup Lipgloss (Pretty Pink)

fyi: if you're wondering if i'm wearing faux lashes..well i'm not! my lashes are not the longest nor is it the most volumized but i've notice that by combining a reg. mascara with a waterproof one makes my lashes look much thicker & longer + ELF lash curler..ahh~ it works wonders to my eyelashes. keeps them curled for days on end. --thats just on my own experience though.

Enjoi! :]

December 15, 2009

Smokey Teal Holiday Eye

I know this pic totally sucks -_-' I took a pic with my camera phone so the quality isn't necessarily at its best. But bare with me for now & I'll love you a whole lot heh!

Anyways, I did this look for my Church's Concert since I was one of the performers. We had to wear a black blazer, black a-lign cut skirt and whatever colored top (I chose to wear a teal-ish looking turtle neck) So, since i was all dark & didn't have much color i decided to go dramatic on the eyes.

To achieve this look, I used the following products: (you can improvise, if you want)
-ELF's eyelid primer
-MAC paint pot (soft ochre) as base
-Estee Laudere "smoky pink duo" (gray-ish looking e/s) all over the lid
-Coastal Scents "teal" --(just pick any teal color you want) 3/4 of the lid
-L'Oreal Hip Metalic Shadow Duo "platinum" (the sparkly black) on outer v
-ELF's Brightening Eye Color "luxe" (the soft black-gray) on the crease
-Lancom Color Focus Quad "4dreaming" (shimmery white) on inner tear ducts & as brow highlight
-Femme Couture Gel liner
-Revlon Color Stay pencil liner (black)
-ELF's Natural eye lash kit (black)
-Maybelline's Blackest Black Mascara

Oh! You're so Corn-y!!!

Ahh~ I've been craving for some of this delicious, undeniably scrumptious, bomb-tastic MEXICAN CORN!! lol! I want! I want!!


TOO LATE! lmao x)


Free Samples! Free Samples! Free Samples!

Sup People!!!
Well, this is a blog about free samples! everyone loves free stuff right? I mean why buy the expensive full size and not know how the products react on your skin or how you'd like it, etc? Well, companies have this idea of giving out samples. Some are free but all you have to pay is a small amount for the shipping & handling, but some are entirely free..just fill out some stuff and wait until it comes to you :)

So here's a few things i wanted to try out...

Mario Badescu Skin Care: i heard alot of rave about his skin care line because it's supposedly effective but super $$$ >> just simply fill this out and check your email a couple of days after and click on the confirmation link that they send you then TADA!! a few days later you'll recieve their free sample kit.

btw, i think they give you about 5 samples? but i'll let you know once i recieve the free stuff in my mail.

Best Bath Store: this one, i heard from "Lepook" on youtube and apparently there products are very similar to Lush stuff. Handmade, Cruelty free-no testing on animals which is a big plus in my book & everything is made of all Natural ingridients. So the thing wit this one is you get 5 samples of whatever you want for free but all you have to do is pay $6.95 for the shipping which is pretty affordable for most of us. So check em out >>

the 5 product samples i picked out were:

1.) Acne Facial Bar
2.) Acne Treatment Gel
3.) Dead Sea Mud Mask
4.) Intensive Under Eye Treatment
5.) Pore Refining Facial Toner

*there were more that i signed up for but i don't know the links heh!
--Dove shampoos
--Aveeno shampoos
--Tampons (LOOOL! =X girls, gotta try that one too right?)
--umm i know there were more but i'll find them and post em here :)

So instead of buying the full-sized products, why don't you try em out first & see if you like em.

Eki Love

So, I've heard about this girl who makes cute hand made pouches, cell phone baggies & even hair accessories (cute hair bows, pins, clips, headbands) from a long long time ago. The thing is that I never really had an active blog which is why I personally couldn't follow her. But now, since I have an exsisting, active blog I can folllow her all I want. 0_o" wait, that didn't sound right...sounds so "stalker-ish" haha! well it's not my fault her items are really cute. Here's some of her items for sale. It goes by fast, so check it out.

But anyways, check this girl out! she has mad skills on creating some of the most "adorable-est" things ever.
>> or simply click her site logo on the side bar ;)

December 14, 2009

You should check her out!

She has one of the funnest, cool looking blogs ever!
Her name is Janice aka Chaigyaru & she has the cutest site ever :)

Not only is it cute but she blogs about make-up to beauty tips to just anything random.
So check out her new improved blog >>

Things you might want to know

What's NC / NW in M.A.C?
--NC means Neutral Cool (people with cooler under tones: i.e, yellow undertones)
--NW means Neutral Warm (people with warmer under tones: i.e, pink under tones)

How would I know my under tone?
--Don't just base it on your face, because most of the time our faces are a lot darker or lighter than our neck & chest area. So make sure you base it on the color of your neck & chest. It'll be a lot easier to find what under tone you are.

Hope this was helpful!
So next time you're at a M.A.C counter /store and you don't know what shade you are or what's your under-tone color, well now it'll be a lot easier for you to remember :)

ELF Contouring Blush/Bronzing Powder, Tone Correcting Concealer Review

This review has been requested by Chesca :)
So, let's begin!

1.) Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder- 0.28oz/ 8.0g

Sleek Matte Black Compact with the ELF logo in the front of the compact case and below it says the name of the product. "Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder"

Full-sized compact mirror which is great on the go.
2 seperate pans for the blush & bronzer.

The color is baby doll pink with a slight peach undertone with soft flecks of gold.
Goes on pretty sheer compared to the bronzer.

The color is dark brown with soft flecks of gold, perfect for contouring the hallows of your cheeks & the sides of your nose to give it a more elongated effect.

*make sure you don't just brush it on.
Note that this bronzer is very pigmented and it can look very heavy if you don't blend well.
So to avoid "too much" blending, make sure you just get a small amount, tap off the excess and gently pat the brush w/ product on the hallows of your cheeks or any desired place.

>> on a side note: a ton of other reviews regarding this products specifically noted that the packaging is fairly similar to NARS & also the blush is very dupe-able to NARS' orgasm or deep throat & the bronzer is very similar to NARS' laguna.

NARS' Orgasm & Laguna Duo- $37.00 at Sephora

E.L.F's Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder --$3.00

very similar right?? so it's up to you whether you wanna spend a wopping $37 for a NARS' duo or the very affordable ELF's Contouring Blush & Bronzer for just $3 :)

2.) Tone Correcting Concealer- net wt. 0.08oz/ 2.3g

Much smaller than I thought it'd be.
Sponge-tip applicator.

What it does:
According to the ELF website, it says that it hides complexion imperfections, evens out skin tone and gives you a natural looking skin with silky smooth coverage.

It is also Hypoallergenic which is great for those who have sensitive skin.

It has a a semi-wide range of colors to pick (I got mine in Honey, a few shades lighter than my acctual skin-tone cause I specifically use this product for my under-eye circles, to hide my "panda eyes" lmao)

My Take/ Tips:
It does glide on smooth but make sure you set it with any kind of powder to prevent creasing.

Gently "dot" the product with the sponge-tip applicator along the parts where you want it concealed (ie: under the eyes, scars, blemishes, etc) & using your own fingers gently pat in on to belnd with your skin.

*So here's my review/ opinions about these products. Enjoy!

P.S: Ches, I already did a review on the ELF make-up brushes (see the blog below this one) hope this review was helpful to you :]

December 9, 2009

My ELF Collective Haul

So, I'm using my deskstop instead of my laptop & I can finally put up some pics :)
Just to let you guys know, I've bought most of these items at the eyeslipsface website with the exception of a few items which I personally purchased at my nearst Target. And yes ladies, you heard me right! For those who haven't heard, ELF products are now at Target. I even saw some E/S kits at Ross & some lippies at other clothing stores at the malls :) so make sure you check em' out and see what great finds you find? lmao!

Anyways, here's my semi-massive ELF haul for the past few months <3

from left to right,starting from the top:
 2 Natural Lash kit (Black), E/S Quad (Luxe), Studio Line Blush & Bronzing Powder, Studio Line Translucent Matte Powder w/ Sponge, Shielding Hydro Tint (Honey), Shielding Hydro Tinted (Spice), All Over Color Stick (Pink Lemonade), Natural Radiance Blusher (Flushed), Natural Radiance Blusher (Glow), Natural Radiance Blusher (Innocence), Tone Correcting Concealer, Eyelid Primer, Mineral Booster, Studio Line Mineral Infused Face Primer, Super Glossy Lip Shine (Nashville), Super Glossy Lip Shine (Miami), Sugar Kiss Line Eye Lash Curler (Pink), Eye Lash Curler (Black), Eye Kit (Reg-Waterproof Duo Mascara, Lash & Brow Duo Gel, Eye Brightening Eyeliner--Black), Sugar Kiss Line Lipliner (Natural--came in 2pencil liners + sharpener), Lucious Liquid Lipstick (Pink Lemonade), Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm (Strawberry Creme), Sugar Kiss Lipgloss Tin (Fruity Friday) 3 E/S Brushes, 2 Blending Brushes, Studio Line Flat-top Powder Brush, Bronzing Brush & Total Face Brush.

Please let me know if you want me to review anything from this bunch.

December 8, 2009

So ELFalicious

So, I've recently heard about E.L.F Cosmetics (Eye Lips Face) within this year through the infamous Youtube. Lol! I've watched tons of ELF product reviews from youtube make-up gurus before actually conforming in purchasing some of the products.

And after giving into buying my 1st batch, I could not stop! It's like an obssession. Not just cause most of the products on that ELF website ( ) were mostly $1, Yes! I kid you not! only $1 for their regular line and the Studio Line is $3 and their Mineral make-up are like $5 i think. But besides that their products are super inexpensive & affordable, most of their products are very comparable to some high-end cosmetic brands.

I mean, why waste a ton of money on some high-end brands when you can get the same exact look or pay-off from ELF, or any other affordable cosmetic brands out there?

So here it is....
my new current obssession. (since my stupid laptop won't allow me to post pictures, i'll just mention some of the ELF products that are 5/5 for me & i'll do a quick review about my TOP 5 ELF PRODUCTS)

1.) Mineral Infused Face Primer --$6
2.) Mineral Booster--$5
3.) Eye lash curler--$1
4.) Studio Line Flat-top Powder Brush --$3,
      Eye Shadow Brush & Blending Brush --$1 each
5.) Eyelid Primer --$1


Studio Line Mineral Infused Face Primer -- 0.49oz/ 14g

It's too small but the container makes it look a lot bigger because the main covering is like magnified but nonetheless it's a great product. You only need a pea-size amount for your whole face, hence the fact that the products will definitely last you a while.

The consistency isn't sticky at all, It glides on super smooth on the face and it definitely doesn't  give you an oily finish. It's like silicone based minus the silicone.

It gives you a soft and silky finish on your skin for your foundation to go on. (i've tried using it with a liquid foundation and also a mineral foundation, it works great on both)

i like this product alot! & i'll definitely get more when i run out :)

Mineral Booster -- net wt. 0.18oz

The container is like the the other typical mineral cosmetics (black matte lid with the logo on top & a plastic drainer-looking thing so you don't waste so much product when using it)

Well my initial reaction to this product is that it would just be like an ordinary powder, but boy was I wrong. When i applied this mineral booster with my ELF flat-top powder brush, it left my face looking matte, super soft and silky and not oily looking at all (considering that i have oily-acne prone skin)

It also said that this Mineral Booster has Vitamin A,B,C & E which promotes a much healthier looking skin. It definitely reduces any fine lines/ wrinkles and makes your pores appear "invisible" --I personally don't have large pores but i do have some roughness on the side of my nose, and it makes it less visible :)

definitely love this product & going to get more later <3

Pink Eye Lash Curler from the Sugar Line

Hands down the best eye lash curler I've ever used & trust me...I've used a lot. This Eye lash curler comes in Black or Baby Pink. I got both but i like the Pink better since it's my favorite color.

Btw, I've noticed a size difference between the two. (or maybe its just because i got the black one at Target??) but definitely a few cm difference.

But what can I even say about this lash curler? It's amazing, superb, I give it a million thumbs up!
It has this springy-thing that gives it the pressure you want so that you only have to curl your lashes once to get the curl you want.

I definitely recommend this product! Its great and its only $1 --ONE DOLLAR -- a buck! that's it ;)

Studio Line Powder Brush -- E/S Brush -- Blending E/S Brush

Ok, so I know this is cheating but I can't just pick one brush out of these 3. I love them all equally, but I'll have to give a quick review about them individually.

So, first of is the Powder Brush, it's a flat-top brush.
Super dense but extremely soft.
It's comes in this black slick matte handle and black bristles.
I've used it to buff harsh lines from my bronzer on my cheeks & nose, Pat my pressed powder or my matte powder & to buff my mineral booster onto my skin.

& did i say its super soft?? Ughh! I love love love it!!


Then here comes the $1 Eye Shadow Brush from the regular ELF line. You would only think that the quality sucks since its only $1 but, trust me... it's not!
Compared to my Sonia Kashuk e/s brush, I personally love this one alot better.

It comes in this frosty finish- white handle.
the bristles are super soft as well & pretty dense, good for packing in e/s onto you lid.
this brush is great for people with much bigger eyes since the brush is bigger than some of my e/s brushes.


Now lastly the Blending Brush.
also $1, comes in the same handle as the e/s brush, but a slightly longer handle.
It's just as soft and dense. Great for blending out the harsh lines that you might have made with your eye shadows. Also great for blending the colors together :)

You can allso use this to contour your nose by sweeping a bronzing powder on the side of your nose to make it appear longer.

Eyelid Primer --0.17oz / 5ml

My initial reaction to this product was it looks like it could be cakey and make my e/s's crease.
But it's consistency was actually very smooth, not thick whatsoever.
It's like you're not wearing any primer at all.

The color is like a concealer but once you blend it in all over your eyelid, it just sinks in.
It definitely lasts a while and doesn't make your e/s's crease. Leaves your e/s's looking like you just applied it on even if you had it on for hours on end.

It comes with this sponge-tip applicator but I, personally just do 1-2 pats of the product on my lids and smooth it out with my fingers. This primer recieved great ratings on the eyeslipsface website which is why i wanted to try it. & So far it hasn't failed me.

FYI: I have personally purchased all the ELF products myself with my own money. I'am not affiliated with their company nor did they pay me to state good reviews about their products. Everything in this blog is based on my personal opinion & experience :)

December 3, 2009

starting out phresh

So, here I'am with a brand new blog. This time around it'll be about make-up reviews, affordable and dupe-able products from high-end cosmetic brands.

I mean, who says you have to spend a crazy amount of money just to look beautiful?

So.. stay tuned :)